Version history for questions

Hey, not sure if this is in the roadmap (or already implemented) but I’d be interested to see versioned Questions/Cards, so that we could revisit older versions in case an existing question was overwritten, or there was some regression in the query, etc.

From the db models it seems some revision is preserved at least, not sure if that was intended to eventually support this.

Is there interest/plans to implement this feature?

This actually already exists! Both questions and dashboards have revision history, though the button is in a slightly different place for each of them for some dumb reason. For questions, there’s a clock/rotating arrow icon in the top-right of the screen that opens up the revision history. For dashboards, you have to be in Edit mode before you’ll see that same icon in the top-right.

Hope that helps!

Hi Max,
I need the revision history of all the questions saved in Metabase.
We need this to analyse the questions created by different users and the pattern of usage of our servers.