Very confusing terminology

I'm brand new to Metabase.

So, on my very first exposure to the UI and the various aspects of it, I tried my best to form a conceptual understanding of the naming convention used in the UI and Documentation.

Alas, I do not know when, in my mind the very same thing, is either a Question or a Query, a Notebook Editor or a Query Builder, etc.

I get it that Metabase would be desirous of establishing itself as a unique tool, and tries to do so by using unique terms such as 'Question' rather than the industry standard, yet un-unique, 'Query'. But then please avoid confusion by using these terms interchangeably. If you're going to use 'Question' then also apply that to 'Question Builder' and not something such a 'Query Builder' or worse 'Notebook Editor' .

For a person having had many years of BI experience, I can conceptually form the links between the interchangeable nature of some of these terms, but pity on the new user without that experience and capacity....

I tend to use the same terminology regardless of which product I'm using (sorry marketing department). I'm working with Metabase, Crystal, PowerBI, Qlik, SSRS and a bit of Jasper.
If it's a small thing on a big thing, it's a widget (Question in Metabase).
If it's a collection of widgets, it's a dashboard.
If it's lots of data in rows, it's a report.
If it's SQL, it's a query.

PowerBI folk get remarkably worked up about dashboards vs reports, but there you go.

I think Metabase's Questions were originally called 'cards' as that's what they're called in the database. Not sure if that's better or worse.


Thanks @AndrewMBaines

My apologies for venting a fair amount of frustration with getting to grips as to how to do things in Metabase, and the inconsistent usage of terminology does not help in that regard. I'll undertake, or at least attempt to, to be more positive and supportive going forward... :sweat_smile: