Very Slow Dashboard Loading

I created a dashboard with 10-15 questions, and each question individually is pretty fast (1-5s). The problem is when I load my dashboard, it takes a large amount of time (1-2 min). It seems that the queries to the Postgres database are done in series, and some extra time is added.

I checked the resources on the Metabase app and Postgres database, and they are running well. In the logs of Metabase, I got:

  1. Connections App DB: 2/10 Threads Jetty: 2/50
  2. Postgres DB 16 connections: 1/4 (0 threads blocked)

I deployed Metabase with Kubernetes and its version is 0.45.1

Upgrade to 46.2 if possible. Also: does your postgres have the correct sizing to support those 15 queries at the same time?

Yes the usage in only 15%.

So when you click on each question it takes just a few seconds, but on the dashboard, with more questions, that same question takes minute

The dashboard takes minutes to load

Is the db also deployed on k8s?