Viewing multi-dimensional data

Frequently I come across the need to view data across multiple dimensions at one time, and I always struggle with it.

For example: if I have a database of Prospects that are in a Stage and assigned to an Agent, I want to be able to show data across both the Status and the Agent. I can get something close to this using a pivot table:

Agent A Agent B Agent C
New Lead 17 16 22
Active Lead 13 10 11
Onboarding 4 6 8
Closed 6 4 7
Lost 23 20 25

Which is fine, but it still doesn’t enable an easy way to evaluate the data. Is Agent C better or worse at closing deals than Agent A?

Is there a way to either present this sort of data using another visualization? Alternatively, is it possible to show a percentage total for each column? That at least allows a different comparison. Something like

Agent A Agent B Agent C
New Lead 27.0% 28.6% 30.1%
Active Lead 20.6% 17.9% 15.1%
Onboarding 6.3% 10.7% 11.0%
Closed 9.5% 7.1% 9.6%
Lost 36.5% 35.7% 34.2%

Hi @ml1
Instead of returning value, then you can return a Custom Expression, where you create a calculation (eg. percentage).
It sounds like this visualization type could be helpful too: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post