Viewing the result of a stored procedure call (Redshift-backed Metabase instance)

I have created the following stored procedure using my IntelliJ SQL workbench:

create or replace procedure sp_get_internal_members(tmp_name inout varchar) as  
 execute 'drop table if exists ' || tmp_name;  
 execute 'create temp table ' || tmp_name || ' as select id  
 from member where ( client_id = ' || quote_literal('07d18096-b7d0-41a8-7gh4-4fd27649d2eb') ||  
            'or client_id = ' || quote_literal('d1b5f4b5-5dec-4h9v-9e4a-bcf835fcb2ad') ||  
$$ language plpgsql;

This works fine when I connect directly to Redshift and execute the procedure as such:

call sp_get_internal_members('internal');  
select * from internal;

However, when I try to invoke the stored procedure in a Metabase question and query the result, I simply get a one-column, one-row result: internal.

How can I make use of the result sets of invoked existing Redshift stored procedures in Metabase questions?

Hi @blairnangle
Metabase does not support multi-statements: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hi @flamber, thank you for the information!

Are you aware of any common PostgreSQL/Redshift workarounds?

@blairnangle I think MySQL is the only database that allowed a hack, which I don't even think works anymore.

@flamber OK, thanks for letting me know!