Views in datawarehouse deactivated in Metabase

Hi guys,

I have some views in my datawarehouse that I use to build my dashboards in Metabase, but those have been considered as inactive tables and were removed from my data model.

The dashboards I built on those are still working, but I would like them to appear again.

How can I get those back and keep it from happening again?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @phcastets
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Could it be that you have changed something in the Views, so they don't exist anymore or perhaps Metabase doesn't have permission to them?
You will need to restore them, then Metabase will activate the "tables" again on next sync.

Thanks for the advice @flamber!

I've dropped and restored the views to see. I will let you know if they appear again with the next sync!


@phcastets Do a manual sync in Admin > Databases > (your-db), and check the logs. Make sure that the credentials Metabase uses can see that View. You can check by running a Native query in Metabase against your View select * from my_view

Everything is back to normal!

You're awesome @flamber :wink:

Thanks a lot!!