Views showing up in A-Z order?

I created a view in the DB. When I look at the view in metabase it has changed the order to alphabetical order. This seems weird?

Hi @yskolnick
All tables (for Metabase a view is just a table) are shown as alphabetical.
The workaround is to create a question, where you order you columns like you want, and then use that question as the base for others (aka Saved Question).
There’s a request for being able to change it: - upvote by clicking :+1: on first post

Oh… Hmm… Any idea if it is being worked on?

@yskolnick It’s not being worked on, but it’s been given Priority 1.

What does that mean practically?

@yskolnick It means high priority and is considered in the road map together with other indicators. There’s a big difference between bugs and features, when it comes to priority.

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What do you mean by “with other indicators”? And what is the difference between bugs and features in this regard?

@yskolnick Metabase is an open source project. You’re more than welcome to start working on it.
As for priority, see for bugs - features are usually not prioritized unless there’s a lot of upvotes.

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Is this the offending line?

@yskolnick I don’t know, I haven’t looked into this.

EDIT: Continues here: Fixing DB showing up in A-Z order?

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