Virus at Metabase


Anyone can help what happend with my metabase ?
alfter i got this notice afterthat my stmp account has hacked also with 2mio messages.

Please help

Hi @fiskandar

Which version of Metabase?
How are you hosting Metabase - JAR-file, Docker, …? And are you using a reverse-proxy?
Were you using simple passwords - or did you use the same password on a different website too?


I’m guessing that your server was compromised at some level. Not sure if it was through Metabase. But you should check the Metabase log (it is stored in various locations depending on how you’re hosting Metabase).

Make sure that you change your database credentials too, since that might have been breached too.


Are you only running Metabase on the server or are is the server running multiple other things too (web server, email server, …) ?

i’m using docker
yes i’m using reverse proxy
and i’m using external mysql to store metabase app

just 1 instance vm for docker we using it