Visual settings for graphs with multiple data series


I have discovered and issue with visual settings in a multiseries graph. The issue is that settings (i.e. suffix value) is not applied to all values in a sub-serie.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a question (A) with dates and cost.
  2. Create another question (B) with dates and two data series (cost 1 and cost 2).
  3. Add question A to dashboard.
  4. Add question B as an additional serie to the graph.
  5. Now pretend we want to add a suffix to the cost values: Adding a suffix to Question A (cost) works as expected. The suffix is inherited and applied to Question B cost 1 (but not cost 2 as I would expect).

Video showing the issue:

I am guessing the inheritance is on purpose (which is nice), but it would make sense to apply it to all series - right?

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