Visualization error: Invalid expression: Infinity

When I try to run a simple count query and visualize it via the chart visualization I get an error “Invalid expression: Infinity”
This is the error object that I can see in the console:

    Error: Invalid expression: Infinity
        at compileNode (trends.js:32)
        at (<anonymous>)
        at compileNode (trends.js:25)
        at compileExpression (trends.js:36)
        at getTrendDataPointsFromInsight (trends.js:45)
        at LineAreaBarRenderer.js:635
        at addTrendlineChart (LineAreaBarRenderer.js:619)
        at lineAreaBar (LineAreaBarRenderer.js:819)
        at Object.lineRenderer [as renderer] (LineAreaBarRenderer.js:868)
        at CardRenderer.renderChart (CardRenderer.jsx:86)

Here is a screenshot:

The error happens only on “Line”, “Area”, “Bar”, “Line+Bar”, “Scatter” visualization type, if I select “table” it works as expected showing date : number

Version etc?
Datatypes as defined in Metabase?

Version: 0.31.0-RC1
I’m filtering by a simple text field.

I think I got it! Only if I select “Show trend line” it throws this error.