Visualization of Countries and their respective states using Map

I tried visualizing the countries with their respective states in Metabase using the names of the country and their states. I did not get the desired results. Rather, the map visualization gave me countries all over the world map that I did not even ask for. Is it because the data that I am using for the countries' and states' names may not be compatible with Metabase?
Can someone please guide me on this. I hope my doubt is clear.


Hi @ritesh
Metabase includes two region maps: World Countries and US States.
If you need a different map, then you need to include that yourself:

Hi, thanks for your response. I am aware of the fact that Metabase includes two region maps: World Countries and US States.
But when I tried to plot few cities of my country (India), the Map visualization couldn't give me desired results.
Let me try to explain this through an example:
Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata. These are the cities that I am trying to locate on a World Map on Metabase. But instead of locating these cities correctly, the map visualization is locating these cities in some other countries and not India.
Please help me with this. I have been trying to figure out for past 3-4 days.

@ritesh The "World Map" only contains countries, nothing else - no cities or states.
You need to find a GeoJSON map of India. Please read the link I just provided.

Thanks for the help. I get it now.
Also, Just now, I tried uploading a GeoJSON URL for a India's map but it says it isn't working. Can you please suggest me how to create a GeoJSON URL? Which is the best webpage to do so?

@ritesh There's currently no upload, it has to reference an URL where the GeoJSON exists. You will have to put your GeoJSON on a webserver, which Metabase can access.

I agree with you. But to create an URL itself, I must know a source where to create the URL from. Can you suggest any website.

@ritesh Try searching this forum or the internet for something like "geojson india":

Thanks a lot

Hi @ritesh,
For me also facing the same issue, did you solve this problem? can you please help me with this India state visualization?