Visualization setting make export failed

Hi, we have meet a problem with csv/excel download on version 0.41.0. When quesion's visualization_settings contain some others setting, we will get empty file when download it. Here how we reproduce it.

  1. create a quesion as you like with sample data set. like:
{"type":"native","native":{"query":"select PRODUCT_ID from ORDERS","template-tags":{}},"database":1}
  1. add some setting to visualization_settings, make it from


  1. try to download again, and it's empty

and I confuse about how the visualization_setting been set, it looks like the setting will remain even you change the visualization type.

@KEN-LJQ Upgrade to 0.41.4 immediately. There has also been several fixes to exports since 0.41.0, so always try the latest release.

@flamber after upgrade to latest version 0.41.4, download this still get empty file

Problem may soloved, if we modify the quesion and save it again, the visualization setting go right and download successfully.

@KEN-LJQ And if you compare visualization settings before and after, how does that look?

yes, I modify the column field name, after that, original setting


chang to


which is correct, but I still confuse about how the original wrong setting comes from

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