Visualize tasks in a Kanban

I would like to be able to visualize tasks in a Kanban board. I believe this enhancement means adding a new Question => Visualization option => Kanban option. This option would go next to table, line, area, bar, map, etc…

Example Kanban board for reference:

The ERP I work with has Kanban abilities, and it works well on a desktop to manipulate object; however, it does not work well on a big monitor over a manufacturing or development floor where I want to broadcast the current status to everyone via a dashboard.

I envision the configuration working similarly to a Map where when the user chooses ‘Map’, the system prompts them to specify criteria for display. In the Kanban configuration, it would prompt for:

  • what value to use as the kanban header (kanban columns)
  • what value to use to sort cards within a kanban column
  • what values to show in each card

Thank you for your consideration, and let me know if there is any way I can help or clarify!

Another reason this is important is because when you are watching a process evolve, you are watching it from multiple perspectives. Example: manufacturing shop floor. You are watching to see if/when a given machine or human resource is task overloaded. You can create a dashboard of kanban questions that look at the same shop floor from each perspective (resources, human resource/roles, dates, etc.).

Great feature!

Related GitHub enhancement request issue to build (part of) what’s needed to enable this: (you can :+1: vote it)