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Regarding : Disabling sync and scan for database connections


We are migrating our database to DW solution snowflake. So last month, we have added multiple connections for snowflake in metabase. After adding new database connection for snowflake in metabase we are getting extra AWS services cost of about $700. When checked, it's not coming from Dataware house usage its coming from metabase sync and scan queries which get triggered abnormally.

We want to disable both sync and scan but looks like its already disabled but somehow still getting triggered. Attaching the screenshot for reference.

We are running metabase on ECS cluster as container service. We are using image name: "Docker" which means it's running on latest metabase image.

We are having multiple dashboards and cards on metabase which need to be migrated to snowflake but if we can't solve this issue then we can't use metabase as our BI solution.

We need your help to fix the issue ASAP. Let me know, if you need more info from our end.

@flamber can you please help here ?

with all due respect:

  1. please create a new thread
  2. you haven't posted the diagnostic info
  3. snowflake charges you by usage, if you send more queries, snowflake will charge you more
  4. you mention the word "abnormal", which for different people means completely different things
  5. seems like you need urgent support, as you posted 4 hours ago, please state so and send your question to our support email if that's the case. Consider that only paying customers access urgent support