Way to change field name on native query


I'm using metabase ver 0.41.5 with Presto.

Using metabas API ( PUT /api/field/:id ) and 'display_name' of parameter,
I can change field name on Simple question and Custom question.

but, it' doesn't works at native query.

So, I want to know the way to change the filed name on native query too.

Thank you.

Hi @everglow
When using SQL, then you'll need to use column alias (select some_column as "Something Else" from table) or just the formatting:

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Thank you for answer.

I am a metabase administrator at my company.

I want to make columns easy to understand for first-time users who have no knowledge of tables.
So, I want to change the column name from English to Korean.

I look forward to another reply. thank you!

@everglow Follow the link I provided, then you can change the column title. Or do it with SQL aliasing.