Weather database service?

Hey all,

I’m sure other people have come across this idea / wanted to implement in the past.
Is anyone aware of a hosted read-only weather database service that exposes some sort of SQL-compatible frontend?
Would be incredible to show historical geolocated weather queries in a dashboard alongside internal data within metabase.

Or does anyone have suggestions about the most practical / fastest way to DIY expose historical and daily-updated weather data to set-up such a database yourself?

Worst case, I guess I can setup an ETL worker job sort of thing that extracts data from NOAA and sticks it in a database.

Would love to see something analogous as a hosted offering or in a 1-click deploy dockerized/heroku-button-ified setup.

Thought I’d ask around before going through the trouble of making such a thing myself!

To answer my own question, Google BigQuery has a public dataset with the NOAA’s weather stations with tables going all the way back to 1929! And it seems to be updated daily on an ongoing basis, woohoo!

Metabase Dashboard with corresponding Weather feed, here I come!

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