Week Number in SQL vs Excel

Hi - new to Metabase (and SQL in general). Loving it so far!

In the past we’ve done all our dashboarding in excel/google sheets, and we analyze trends by week. There are two major differences.

In Excel I use the =WEEKNUM(date) function
In Metabase, I am using the EXTRACT(WEEK FROM date) function

There appear to be two differences in the outputs of these functions:
(1) Start of week: Excel starts the week on Sunday, and SQL is starting the week on Monday.
(2) Definition of week 1 of the year: Excel considers Jan 1 as the beginning of week 1, and the first Sunday as the beginning of the next week. SQL considers Jan 1 as part of week 53 (last week of the prior year), and the first Monday as the beginning of week 1.

The result is the data is off by 1 week and shifted by 1 day. Is there a different function in SQL that would output data the same way as Excel?

Thanks in advance!