Weird spacing of table and field names on v0.18

Hi there.

Has anyone seen this?

While building a query, tables and field names get “spaced” every 3 or 4 letters even without underscores:

Table under Data is named “v_m_m3_leituras_dia”.
Second field is named “boca_id”…
4th field is “hidrante”… no underscores…

On PostgreSQL 9.3.

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Sorry about that. We added a feature that tries to format table and field names better by looking for common words, but it uses a word frequency list built from the English Wikipedia, which obviously won’t work well for other languages. We should also probably remove the less common shorter words from the list.

oh, ok. troubles of a wordwide community then


I am having the same problem and it’s very frustrating for tables in other languages, for example i have the table “administradores” wich mean administrators and it is converted to “Admin Is Tr Adores”

It will be awesome that you add a option to turn this feature off becouse it’s driving me crazy finding my tables

Hi, I just installed the latest version but this problem remains. Is there a chance to leave that feature optional? It’s hard for other users to read the table and field names.

@carlos there’s an option to disable it in the Admin Panel. Go to Admin Panel > General > Friendly Table and Field Names.


Sweet! Thank you :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem while Friendly name is disable…
By exemple uuid is shown as ‘U’ in Grouped By, and as ‘U ID’ in the Table vue table name field…

Found the solution: I renamed the column in Admin Panel / Data Model :slight_smile: