Welcome to Metabase init screen with existing metabase.db.mv file


first time i have run into this one. i have two local instances running, one on the live sqlite dataabase and the second on a dev one. i revised some questions and pulses, then as usual copied the metabase.db.mv.db file from dev to live computer. launching on the live computer it seems that Metabase wants me to create a new account, in other words, its not connecting to the new metabase.db.mv.db file. do you know how I might fix this? i can’t replicate my work.

Hi @crwheelr
Are you sure you are correctly shutting down the Dev before copying the H2 file to the Live, and only after copying, then starting Live?
How are you starting Metabase? Just with java -jar metabase.jar? If yes, then make sure you are in the correct working directory.

Hi @flamber,

yes, process shut down on both sides. this is assured as the H2 file is otherwise locked on both sides. I am invoking -jar metabase.jar as an nssm launched windows service. have been using this for a while. i have to kill Java to unlock the H2 then manual copy/overwrite from dev to live then relaunch Java and restart the metabase.jar service. I’ve been using the same folder on dev that i have been using all along, under desktop. the metabase folder on live is under root. actually i have two live instances running one launches correctly and the other jumps to the /setup screen no way to bypass it.


What do you see in the logs of the failing Live? I’m guessing the H2 has become corrupted.
If you need to kill Java, then there’s something wrong with the shutdown of the Metabase process, and that might lead to corrupted H2.

this is resolved @flamber.

it was the way i was invoking nssm windows service setup.
in nssm, the startup directory needs to be the metabase dir, not the java dir.