"We've noticed a new login" on embeds

I've noticed that I've been getting the "We've noticed a new login on your Metabase account" emails a lot more often, and they always come from "Unknown device type (unknown/unknown)". We embed Metabase dashboards in our product, and I get an email every time I refresh a page that contains a Metabase iframe. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Hi @samstarling
Yes, with this environment variable set to false:

Thanks for the response – I'd quite like to keep the setting on, because it's a useful notification: the problem is that it's triggering each time I reload my page during local development. Is that expected? Is it possible that you might have changed something recently that flags this as a new login?

@samstarling I simply cannot tell, if you are saying that it just started recently, then I'm guessing you have changed something somewhere, since computers rarely start behaving differently by themselves.
If it happens on your development environment, but not in production, then check the differences.

I've not changed anything here recently, so I was asking if you've changed anything.

@samstarling I don't understand your question. I don't have access to your setup, so only you would know that.

Sorry for any confusion – nothing's changed with my setup, as far as I can tell, so I was just asking whether Metabase have changed anything regarding the way (or frequency) these notifications get sent out.

@samstarling If you haven't changed anything, then that would include the version of Metabase you're running, so nothing would be different at all.
If you have upgraded Metabase, then post exactly which version you were using before and now.

We're using Metabase Cloud.

@samstarling Okay, then please use the support email. There has not been any version changes on Cloud.

So you are doing FullApp embedding, which requires this https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/embedding/full-app-embedding#embedding-metabase-in-a-different-domain

If your browser is preventing the device cookie from being stored, then you'll see such messages.