What are your best tips on Metabase?

Hello there ! I'm giving a small workshop on metabase in Lyon, France next wednesday and I will shortly list / show all the features of the latest version of metabase.

I was wondering if you had any cool tricks, undocumented features or more generally something really cool about metabase that's saving your life and that I might have missed. I'm also interested in what is for you the coolest feature that will be out in the future.

Personally I'd like to say that labelling with emoji has been really useful for sorting questions :smiley: (but all the feature are great)

Things that aren’t obvious but really useful

  • Clicking on a record’s ID and using that to pull up linked records in other tables. Eg clicking on a user and being able to see all their posts, transactions, etc

  • Goals can be set from chart settings

  • “upgrading” heavily used SQL reports into Views and letting end users slice + dice them via the query builder

  • Having a common prefix on sql views, etl rollups, etc that make it easy for the user to pick them out

  • Hiding tables normal end users would be confused by


I love the suggestion of creating views!