What exactly is the intended use of the APGL license?

First of all thank you for making such an amazing product available open source.

According to LICENSE.txt most of the code is APGL licensed and according to this comment the ideas is to "power company's internal analytics" and that "For cases where you make money off of Metabase [...] we ask that you support the project by purchasing a commercial license", which sounds perfectly reasonable.

Would you be able to clarify this further by giving some examples? E.g.

  • Write an external dashboard application "wrapping" metabase and sell it for profit -> enterprise
  • Write an internal application which uses metabase -> enterprise?!
  • Write an internal application which uses metabase and open-source the application as a non-profit organization -> open source

For example, MongoDB states that

What are the implications of this new license on applications built using MongoDB and made available as a service (SaaS)?
The copyleft condition of Section 13 of the SSPL applies only when you are offering the functionality of MongoDB, or modified versions of MongoDB, to third parties as a service. There is no copyleft condition for other SaaS applications that use MongoDB as a database.

As a side question: If one open sources applications using metabase, which part of the application would one need to open source? Metabase is tightly linked to the database, but would one also need to open source program parts writing to the database?

I'd like to propose Metabase in our for-profit company for a small internal tool reaching ~10 users. Despite the very fair pricing conditions, the process of purchasing a license would take time and is not decided by me. Therefore, I'm wondering whether such a use case was meant to be allowed by you under the APGL license. We don't need any of the professional features currently. Thank you in advance!