What is the IP address of the Metabase App

My hosting service provider ask me for the Metabase IP address to whitelist it in our database ?
How I find it please ?

it is the IP address of the server it is installed in but listening on port 3000

unless you installed using the docker image, in which case you need to find the IP assigned to the docker instance

In other words:


I use Metabase app for MacOSX not the online version.

In that case from your machine go to https://www.whatismyip.com/ in a web browser. That page shows the public IP you connect from.

Be aware that depending on how you connect to the internet (if you move around etc.) or just for e.g technical reasons your internet provider may or may not change your IP over time. (Unless you/your company bought a line with a fixed IP)

Cool I’ll tell you if it’s ok.