What is the Metabase release schedule?

Hey all – just curious what the process looks like for releases. If I issue a PR and it gets merged, how often do releases occur?

Happy hacking,

Hey Dave, great question! We are going to feel out the release schedule as we move forward and get more feedback from the community, so we don’t have any concrete plans as yet.

What I can say for sure though is that we have a dedicated team and we are working on this daily, so development will be moving at a regular pace. In general I’m aiming to start with having something release worthy on a monthly basis and we’ll go from there.

Hey Allen, excited about your product. I get you’re thinking monthly for releases and that seems to be the past trend with 0.10, 0.11. Safe to say you’re hoping (no promises!!) to ship 0.14 this year? My company is excited to give Metabase a whirl when RedShift support comes in 0.14 :smile:

Yes, I feel confident that we will ship at least initial RedShift support before the end of the year.

Hey @angus we actually ended up shipping Redshift support in 0.13 last week :yum: