What is the use of this forum?

I see a whole lot of topics with zero responses. I would have expected some “support” from the team there, but it’s very limited. Do they not care or how do we get support another way?

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Hi @nevil

I’m a user not a Metabase Support Member. Here I try to help with querys and to deal with the metabase usability. So the way I see the forum is like:
The Metabase community is small but i believe that it will grow, than we will have more topics answered. The back end uses Clojure. A language that is not in the mainstream so it turns hard to find people to help (buit it will be solved in time). Now I’m seeing the community gathering efforts to solve bugs in new releases. But i still believe that you can find support if you concentrate the topic in the Get help Tag. I’m seeing a good number of answered topics.

@flamber @AndrewMBaines @jornh can help you with any topic.


Me too. I answer questions that are in my skillset.
When I want questions answered, I find the search works well (not sure many try it given how often the same questions are asked).


@nevil This is a user forum. If you want paid support, then Metabase offers that too https://store.metabase.com/product/support (which is also part of the Enterprise Edition).
There’s almost no threads without replies the past year - I have tried to reply to every post.

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I can confirm @flamber replied all my questions and two bugs reported were resolved.

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I can confirm that both @flamber and @maz have always been quick to reply and even creating Github issues on my behalf, which is admirable for an open source project.

Regarding support as @flamber mentioned there is an Enterprise edition as where where you will receive dedicated support as part of the plan.

On the other hand you are right, I do see a bunch of forum topics from time to time that are really incoherent or badly formulated which makes it very difficult for the community to jump and and help/reply.