What's new in 0.35.0 for Metabase driver authors

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Just wanted to let you know that there are some changes with respect to 0.35.0, which is expected to release within the next couple weeks. There are full details on the changes in the wiki, but there is one potentially breaking change I wanted to call out.

Metabase 0.35.0 features a new Query Processor implementation that streams results directly from databases to the client, rather than keeping the entire result set in memory. If you use a JDBC-based driver, this likely won’t impact you, but if you do not it is important to note that execute-query was replaced by execute-query-reducible.

There are a few other changes so be sure to check out https://github.com/metabase/metabase/wiki/What’s-new-in-0.35.0-for-Metabase-driver-authors

There is an RC1 of 0.35.0 as well if you want to try it out.



Top, thank you @dacort!

Thank you @dacort and Metabase team.