When custom database tables refresh, the question loses the table name and shows "missing field" in the filter section

Hi guys,

We do a refresh of our reporting database every night, which is basically just a refresh from prod DB.
I then got a scheduled job to recreate all my reporting data structures and tables after the refresh.
Questions that are created with these custom tables lost the table name and shows ‘missing field’ in the filter section.
I basically have to recreate all the questions. The table is visible when I choose from the dropdown to select table.
The weird thing is, its not all tables, just some. I’m trying to figure out why only specific table names get removed and not all.I think its got to do with the naming, I will try rename them to simpler names and see if that helps.
Has anyone else seen this? I’ve attached a screen shot.

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Yes, we have the same Problem with that workflow (recreating the reporting database from scratch every night).
You can try to work around it by connecting metabase to a copy of the reporting database that you then keep around, is your reporting database postgres perchance?
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/3331 was supposed to fix that but apparently it didn’t.

Yup, I’m on postgres, correct. I havent upgraded to the latest version since we are now using metabase in our prod reporting environment and I can live with the existing issues for now. It kind of defeats the point but I had to convert those queries that get lost, to SQL, and that is fine now, but would like to switch them back so we can use the features of metabase more fully. But I can’t risk it, I will only upgrade once that issue is fixed.
Still, love this product, its got huuuge potential!! I’ll be patient for the fix.