When did the update happen?

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How to display update date / time on a dashboard?
This is important information to show, as it tells the manager when the data was last updated.

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Just create a custom question with SELECT GetDate() or similar depending upon your database:

Hi @AndrewMBaines
I want to display this information when the dashboard is updated,
when we put “# refresh = 120” in the dashboard URL.

Note: “# refresh = 120” will refresh the dashboard every 2 minutes.

Create a question with my query, then add the question to the dashboard. It will update each time the dashboard is refreshed.

Okay, and if the panel contains questions from several different databases (MYSQL, ORACLE, MSSQL…), will it work anyway?

It’s just showing the date/time when the SELECT GETDATE() ran. If your queries are cached or very slow, the time will be out a bit.

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Metabase is awesome!

Hello, I returned

You need this label in this position.
To display when the panel was last updated. How to decrease the font size of this question? Not found this option.

You can’t, it’s a limitation of metabase. You can change the format.

I understand, however, I opened a request to Metabase to think about it.

There’s two issues discussing this - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Question: Where did you “open a request” ?

It was at: https://www.metabase.com/services/

Metabase has everything to become a rougher Analytics tool, but some adjustments are missing.
Starting today I will always be an enthusiast of this tool.

Thank you!


Okay, that page is not for requests. That’s for buying services - like paid support or professional help.

This forum is for questions, troubleshooting and other general inquiries - usually user-to-user support.
The Github page is for bugs and feature requests.

If you’re unsure what to use, then use the forum to start with.

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Okay, thanks a lot for the tip.
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