Where are dashboards and config saved?

Hi, I couldn’t find any info about where queries one creates, and dashboards etc, are saved?

Maybe in the database one connects to?
Or somewhere on the local disk?

I’d like to use Metabase via Docker, and I’d rather not lose all saved queries etc just because I delete and recreate the Docker container :- ) Instead, I’d like to … maybe map a local directory, to Metabase, or a Docker volume, to Metabase, and reuse, if I recreate the container.

Metabase looks nice b.t.w. and thanks for creating it.

Hi @kajmagnus
By default Metabase saves the data in H2, which is a simple database.
It is highly recommended not to run H2 in production, but instead use a proper database like Postgres or MariaDB/MySQL.
You can read more on how to run H2 mapped or using proper database:

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Thanks! That’s what I was looking for. And works sort of how I would have guessed / hoped. :- )