Where did the all_query_usage and all_request_usage tables come from?

I recently took over administration of a Metabase install (actually two - one is older v0.22.0 and one I just setup as v0.24.1). I’m hoping my question isn’t naive.

Around the time I got involved with Metabase, users stumbled on two tables they were not able to access called “All Query Usage” (all_query_usage) and “All Request Usage” (all_request_usage). These showed up as tables to choose from when viewing the SQL Server 2016 database Metabase (both versions) is pointed at.

When I check the underlying database via SQL Server Management Studio those tables do not exist. It seems that perhaps Metabase is adding them?

I tried Googling for those tables related to Metabase and couldn’t find anything concrete. The most I was able to guess is that these are usage statistics Metabase keeps related to each database and they are (unintentionally?) visible to the users when creating new Questions.

For now, I have hidden both tables as “Technical Data” using the Admin tools.

Can anyone help me understand why these are showing up and if this is expected or a bug?

Do you have anonymous tracking enabled? Because I’m trying to find those two tables.