Where is "Analyze These Results" shortcut on new Metabase v0.33?

Hey guys do you know where shortcut is?

Hi @ans4175
That has been removed, since the new “Simple question” interface offers the same features - and even more in the Notebook-editor (Custom question)

@ans4175 Could you tell me what your use case(s) was for this feature? When specifically did you use it? I also think that there was a funny thing where for GUI-based questions it would run an x-ray, but for SQL-based questions it might’ve shown the raw table results. Which of those actions were you trying to perform? If it’s the latter, there’s now a toggle button at the bottom center of the screen that allows you to quickly switch back and forth between the results and your visualization.

Hey @maz, I(we) use this directly after we create a question (saved questions).
Maybe it’s just an aggregating from raw or etc, then we would like to dig more from those new results. Right now we have to ask new question then find those saved questions.
Step to take before:

  1. Ask Question
  2. Create Question
  3. Analyze These Results

Step to take right now:

  1. Ask Question
  2. Create Question
  3. Ask Question
  4. Find Saved Question

There’s more steps to do and hovering things. Or am I missed something?

Hi Maz, is there any ideas on how to use “Analyze” shortcut?