Where is the data model reference link


Since the 0.33 version I can’t find the link to access to the data model reference (the little book) when I am in simple or custom query builder mode (it still accessible from native query writer)
Did I miss something ? If not could you tell me if it is an error that will soon be corrected or it is a voluntary feature removal ?

Thank you

Hi @Nico-P-FR

Yes, the reference sidebar was removed from the query browser, since it’s mostly a duplicate of the interface - and could lead to misunderstandings, since the sidebar has the real table/column names, which is only needed, when doing a native query.

Are you missing it? If so, can you explain how you used it in previous versions?

You can still access the full reference page if you click “Browse Data” and click top-right link.

Thanks for your answer @flamber.

That was usefull for our end users, who don’t know our data very well, to check in this sidebar not the name but the description/definition of the different field of the table to know what they can count / filter / aggregate…
Another way to satisfy this use case, even better than the previous one, could be to add field description in “help tool tip” like the ones for main metrics functions :


I understand what you’re asking for. I think the reason is to avoid too many boxes inside boxes (tooltips inside an unknown size select) and to avoid conflict with sub-selects (and the :heavy_plus_sign: in the sidebar).

I would recommend that you create a feature request for it and then if it gets enough upvotes, then it might be considered.

Was a request ever created for this? I would like to upvote if so, it would be great to have a direct link to data reference from question builder

@ethach I don’t remember seeing a feature request for tooltip Data Model descriptions, so you can open one if you would like. I still think it’s going to be difficult to fit another icon on the line without making it overly complex. Perhaps it could show the description in a left-tooltip, when hovering the type-icon.

Hello, I confirm that I did not create the request, you can do it if you want Emily.

Thanks both. @flamber I’m even thinking just a single button on the page to the existing data reference page would be helpful, since right now a user who wants to understand more about the data they’re looking at needs to navigate all the way there through the data reference button. That requires about 6 clicks and a lot of scrolling in our data, but more importantly requires knowledge of the data structure. So just one button (maybe next to the data title). What do you think?

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@ethach Okay, now I understand. I guess it would link to the selected table, and from there the user would have to look at linked tables (if any). I’m not sure what the best user experience would be, but there could probably be several iterations on a design.

I agree. I think it’s important to help end users know how the data model exists, especially when you have new users come in to use it.

It would be great to have the ability to have a visual representation of the data model (very much like an ERD)

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There's an issue open about showing descriptions in tooltip:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/11092 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

ERD feature request:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/25956 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Is there any way to create an ERD for an existing DB with Metabase? Or is there anywhere I can find useful information to build one? e.g. fields that have been joined in previous queries and thus are matching IDs…

Thanks in advance

@oogie_c You should have opened a new topic, since it doesn’t seem related to this. Not sure what you’re asking, but have a look in the application database - probably in the table report_card