Where to find changelogs and/or release announcements?

I have been trying to monitor metabase for the 0.33.1 release, but hadn’t been back in a few weeks and now see that 0.33.2 is out. But when I search around, I can’t find any info on it’s actual release.

Assuming it, or at least 0.33.2, is out, are there release notes and/or changelogs? Or an announcement somewhere? Even a new read-only forum for only moderators to post about new releases/dot releases would be useful.

The latest blog post is about 0.33 itself, if there is another location that I am not finding, then that would be good to know as well.


Hi @crimanysakes
Every release is listed here together with the changelog:
And you can get email notifications on new releases by clicking the Watch-button in the top.
The blog usually only has updates about major releases.