Who are Metabase survey recipients?


I have received an email from Metabase, asking to fill up a survey:


For while I am glad to help the development team in giving my feedback, I don’t feel very comfortable with (apparently) one of my Metabase instance sending emails on my behalf without my prior approval.

Because in my case, both the Sender and Recipient email address are used in multiple instances, and, in some case, as the “General | Email Address for Help Requests”, the “Email | From Address”, and one of the email associated to a user account; I have trouble tracking down the logic behind this email.


So I am wondering:

  1. which address is used as the Sender of the email?
  2. which address(es) is(are) used as Recipient of the email?
  3. what triggers the sending of this email?
  4. should I want to, how to disable the sending of this (or any similar) email?

Hi @ebosi
Let me see if I can answer your questions - most of it written by @dacort

  1. The emails is being sent from your instance, so it will use your settings in Admin > Settings > Email ( https://github.com/metabase/metabase/blob/5e0ded2423f7470b76c3175bafd0a7b51cc373c4/src/metabase/email.clj#L18 )
  2. And send it to the email of the oldest active admin (usually the user that setup Metabase initially) ( https://github.com/metabase/metabase/blob/5e0ded2423f7470b76c3175bafd0a7b51cc373c4/src/metabase/task/follow_up_emails.clj#L46 )
  3. There are two emails - a follow up survey and abandonment survey. More details on when and how these are sent are in the follow_up_emails.clj file.
  4. The open source version of Metabase has an option to collect anonymous usage information. This can be turned off at any time in Admin > Settings > General. Disabling this feature will also disable these emails. More details on the information that’s collected is here: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/information-collection.html
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That solves it all, thank you for your detailed answer!

And for what it’s worth, I believe that’s a “fair” email policy — thanks!

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