Who is already in my Pulse Email?

So today I was asked to expand the audience of one our our pulses… however I never noticed that it seems impossible to know who is on the recipients list, I have even played with the CSS to see if I could expand the box … nope nothing hiding there. Is there something I am missing or will I just have to add blindly/create a new pulse each time ?

You can read the data from the metabase database. Not ideal, but it’s a workaround:

SELECT * FROM metabase.pulse_channel;

if you need the name of the pulse too, that’s in

SELECT * FROM metabase.pulse;

Easy enought to join the tables if required.

One day, I’ll get round to creating an admin dashboard that connects to the system database so that all this can be seen easily.

Edit: if you’re sending to a user who has an account, they won’t appear in the pulse_channel, but in the pulse_channel_recipient

So in theory I could create a pulse that tells me who is in my pluses ? MetaAF!

This is a UI bug that has been fixed in master. The fix will be in version 0.29 coming out shortly.

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Can’t wait ! <3 you guys !

Big Ask - an eta on 0.29?

Very soon! We’re doing testing and polishing currently.