Why do all my default Metabase settings for Date/Currency formats get ignored?

No matter what I set as default formatting settings for dates, currency and time: Metabase never seems to care at all.

I have been using Metabase since Version 33.0 and now using 34.0 and that feature never worked even a little bit.

No matter what I set those values to: Every question always defaults to US-Formats and I have to add the relevant settings in the questions themself.

Now this would be a hassle but managable, except that not everything about formatting can actually be set in the questions themself.


  • I cannot tell my Pie charts not use dot as a decimal separator for displaying the percentage.
  • If i change the data type/formating in a question to “currency” it will automatically display the values with a $-Sign in front of it despite me setting the currency to Euros and to display the symbol behind the number.

Is this a known bug or is the feature of the default formatting settings still WIP?
It certainly seems strange to me that those settings exist but have absolutely no effect on anything in my Metabase instance.

I have the exact same issue and discussed it with @flamber at the end of last year. Check it out here: Formatting Options have no effect