Why do I have to add my credit card details for just using the trail?

Is it just me or does anyone else finds it odd that Metabase won't let you try the services without adding the card details? I thought we are living in 2021 where companies try to acquire users and not to push them away!

Hi @Swati004
There are several reasons to that - for one, the subscriptions process with Stripe, which guarantees that we have to follow their rules of refund/etc. Second, to prevent abuse, it's not free to run servers.
But you're welcome to not use Metabase Cloud and download Metabase locally for free:

Thank you for the detailed reply. I love the way you've answered my query. Here is a suggestion/feedback.

Maybe, metabase can offer 48 hour trail or an option to play with limited data. I'm sure that will increase the chances of get converted to paid members.

@Swati004 I don't like canned-responses either, so I never do that.

I totally get what you're asking for, but we don't have a way of limiting an instance data, since we don't control it. We could spend time on developing something that limited something in the interface, but I think our resources are better spend elsewhere.

The Metabase Cloud has a trial that is completely free for 14-days. Yes, it requires inputting a credit card, but we also want to prevent abuse.
If you don't have a credit card, then you can download Metabase completely free and host it on your own servers or computer.

We have been looking into being able to play with a demo instance. If we go down that road, or end up changing the trial to not include a credit card - that is still undetermined.

TBH, IDK why people like to comment on things that they have no idea how to run them. My customers do that too. They think they know my product better than me :slight_smile:

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