Why is connecting to sql server impossible?

I spent 1 hr trying to connect to my local sql server and i cannot get it to work.

I created a sql server account called metabase
enabled tcp ip connections on sql server with fixed port
see following screen shot:

Why is a simple thing so hard?
My db is called InvestmentTracker2
Metabase account has db_datareader priviledge and is a sql server account.
The fixed port is 1490
instance name taken for SSMS - it is the server name.

i am running the docker image on same machine

Hi @Frustrated
Which version of Metabase?

I just downloaded today. On windows 10

Okay, so I’m guessing you’re using 0.32.7
But since you’re running Metabase on the same server as MSSQL, then I don’t think you need to include MACHINENAME\
But have a look in the log for more descriptive details - either located in the same folder as where you’re running Metabase from or via the interface Admin Settings > Troubleshooting > Log

Cant get to admin , dont see a menu
Running in docker. Don’t know where log is

So you are the administrator of Metabase - otherwise you wouldn’t have access to where you create the database connection - if you look in the menu, you’ll see Troubleshooting all the way to the right.

If you’re using Docker, then the IP of the MSSQL would not be, since that’s the localhost of the Docker container. You need to create a network connection to the host. Have a look in the Docker documentation:

To view logs on Docker, you have several options, but usually you just run the command docker logs - again, look at the Docker documentation:

Ok, I’ll try. But last night I tried using a salute db instead. I got same error. All that connection required was a file path, which I verified correct

I don’t understand what salute database is - ?
You have to remember that a Docker container is like having another server, so none of the paths or IP-addresses will work unless you make the link in the container configuration.
Another option could be the JAR-file instead of Docker?

Ok , i got it working just using the JAR file. Docker was a big hassle and i really don’t need it.
Not salute, sqlite

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