Why is Metabase asking for access to my Google Drive files?

Hi, I am trying to add BigQuery as a database.

I ran into a problem with the Auth Code field. In particular, Metabase was asking for some pretty deep access to my Google Drive files, which I wasn’t comfortable with. I don’t understand this because I’m connecting to BigQuery, not Drive?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks! =)

I used the other authorization method and it did not ask for Google Drive access.

Though the authorization flow is awkward because the user is trapped in the Metabase window and have to navigate back to the connection screen, and the previous settings entered are wiped out and need to be added again.

Update: It still did not work. I got this error message:

"Error while reading table: google_drive.all_trades_new, error message: Failed to read the spreadsheet. Errors: No OAuth token with Google Drive scope was found."

Why is it involving my Google Drive? And can I get this OAuth token without having to give Metabase read, write, delete access to my entire Drive?

Hi @ddcmb
There’s two different links under Auth Code - one just for BigQuery and one with Drive permissions too.
And you can open the links in a new window/tab - I’m working on correcting that.
But from 0.36.0 we will be moving towards Service Accounts instead of Auth Code, so that will make the process simpler.

Hey Guys,
wondering if there is still any clear solution here.

The reason why we are getting this error “Errors: No OAuth token with Google Drive scope was found.” it seems is because we have a federated data source in bigquery and the user that is accessing the data is missing the following scope to the data.


It seems just like an issue Tableau users are having as the scope needs to be added to the https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37487101/bigquery-credential-problems-when-accessing-google-sheets-federated-table

Is there anyway to provide this scope when authing to bigquery?

@ashrodan There’s an issue about that:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/13001 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post