Why models break underlying question?

Hello. I am using metabase 0.48.4 (opensource, self hosted). I will explain some annoyances I experience regarding models and questions.

First, I loose the column names when I turn a question to model

For instance I have this column by default in my Question:

I rename to

and of course save the Question before going further.

Then I create a Model using the Turn into Model.

All my columns order and names (and probably other settings) are lost and I need to redo it again.

It is possible to keep this customization when turning into model?

Secondly, when I want to use a Model or Question in a new question, I also loose all my nice columns names from my base Question (or Model):

The only way I have found to inherit from my customization is to "duplicate" the complete Question.
And I often "revert" in my Question history to avoid redoing all over again these basic customizations.