Widget Not display in IE11

Hey guys! I am using metabase v0.29.3.
I make a Widget for user to select categories.
In IE11, the Widget(div name PopoverContainer or PopoverBody) does not display, but when I click the div source code “PopoverBody”, and it display on the website.

It performs well in Edge and Chrome. What’s wrong and why I click the div in console and the widget display?


You’ll probably find other bits that don’t work in IE too. I had problems with transparent items that should have been solid. Even MS have given up on IE.

Thanks for your reply.
IE is still popular now. I’t hard to figure out what’s going wrong if not familiar with fronted.

I agree, but given how poor IE is at complex Javascript, I advise my customers to use something else just for performance.

I cannot agree more! Debuging among IE and some advanced browsers is waste of time.
But some banking related application only support IEs well, they focus on security in IE for many years, this is one of the most important reason why IE is still popular.