Widgets randomly disappearing from a report

Hi all,

I’m having a weird problem on Metabase installed on a MAC 10.14.4: Widgets on my first custom report just disappear randomly from the action bar; therefore I cannot select any value to run the report and it consequently fails when I try to run it. That happens initially with a Field Filter but the problem extends to two Date widgets.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a reported bug?


Hi @IvanCJ
Which version of Metabase? Just to get the terminology, report=dashboard and widget=filter?
When you say “fails”, do you get an error?
Can you reproduce this issue - preferably with the Sample Dataset?

Hi Flamber,

Can’t say for sure, I’m afraid :frowning: I installed Metabase yesterday, but I got an update this morning (to version Metabase

Regarding terminology: report=question and widget=filter

When I say “fails” I mean that the query is expecting a value, country.name={{country_name}}, but since I cannot pick it up since the filter box does not appear, when I execute the question I get a “failed” message.

BTW, I cannot sign in from the Desktop version using my web user!! Been trying for an hour now, resetting password, but the Desktop welcome screen keeps saying that my password is wrong. I tried resetting it from the Desktop version but it crashes…!



Okay, it sounds like the internal database (H2), where Metabase stores it’s information, might have become corrupted. The logs should tell you what’s going on.
I’m not sure how the Mac app works, but I think the logs are located together with H2:
~/Library/Application Support/Metabase/

As for the country.name={{country_name}} - that’s not the correct usage of Field Filter.
You should just use {{country_name}} - since it’s does it’s own magic, depending on what type of field you’re trying to filter.

But in most cases, when having issues with Field Filter, then it’s because the Data Model isn’t correct. Have you looked through your Data Model?