WIKI for defining discussion forum categories

Let’s see if I can turn this post into a wiki page (ahh think I found the toogle for it now)

This page got started from ideas in this topic:

Please be gentle this is the first topic I’ve started in here ever!

Please edit away @AndrewMBaines, @EvaS or anyone else as you see fit (initially just to test if this got turned into a wiki page anyone can edit)

Hi, yes I (evaS) can edit this topic (even though I don´t have a regular badge). :slight_smile:

@jornh here: Yay! good stuff Eva. I just realised I linked the wrong topic above, should be fixed now.

@evaS : cool …

Late to the party, but looks like I can add too (AndrewMBaines)


Ok I’ll try to see if I can move the discussion from WIKI: SDK (covers API, embedding etc?) over to this page

Eventually I think we should clean up the threads under the wiki pages by deleting our own posts - if possible. But to continue answering @AndrewMBaines … let’s experiment a bit with what formatting makes sense before ruling any options out in the wiki’s and - still - I agree it’s not a replacement for categories which we need to ask the resident gods: @kdoh @tom @sameer @maz etc. to supply us.

I might not get it - but how is that helping to easier find topics? Wouldn´t it be quite a lot of work to include new topics into existing wikipages? Or do you expect that users with new questions to one topic would always add to the wiki?

(also for me, it´s early and I haven´t had coffee yet so bare with me in case I just don´t get it :blush:)

You totally get it - and you’re right - will be a lot of work to keep linking (which will never happen). It’s just the Wiki pages could link to the high quality topics by “floating them to the top”. So people wouldn’t have to ask the same questions over and over and … and if they got “pinned” to the top of relevant categories they would just be there right in the face of everyone

Now go get that :coffee: - you know you need it!

Ok thanks. Yes that makes sense - so in combination with categories the wiki pages could describe stuff that most users ask, simple examples and could link to most relevant topics. Thats a great idea.

As it seems that none of my colleagues is bringing me coffee I am going to get one now :wink:

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