Will Metabase stay open-source?

I was wondering, do you guys plan to stay open-source? You’ve built a great product, and I think as of right now, you’re solving a serious business problem that will help a lot of people.

Yes, we’re going to stay open source.

We will be releasing a few paid features that are additive to the core Metabase product, but if anything we’ll be putting a lot more in MB and polishing our UX even further over the next few years!

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Thanks for the reply - can you elaborate a bit more?

  • Do you intend to convert any existing features into paid ones?
  • By ‘paid’ - do you mean a hosting plan similar to Redash?

I ask because I’m still trying to decide how fully to commit to Metabase as our new reporting platform.

Thanks again.

No current features will be converted to paid features. If anything we’re going to keep pushing what people expect in an open source product.

We might or might not offer hosting plans, but that’s a separate conversation.