Workarounds to get susbscriptions to MS teams

Hello all - firstly a big well done to all the staff at Metabase - you've done a fab job. I used your product at a previous company about 5 years ago & have just persuaded my new company to adopt it. Proverbial hats off.

My current task with them is to create a dashboard subscription/pulse/feed that lands in MS Teams. I've followed as many threads about this as I can find & without any success. I do have pulses from our metabase correctly sending to email (using our office 365 smtp within Metabase) and to slack.

The recommended workaround I found/read was to email from metabase to a teams channel. It's here that I'm falling down. Messages (from metabase) don't appear in the teams channel despite the send email address being whitelisted. However if I send the same pulse (from metabase) to my email address & then forward it from say Outlook to the teams channel email address then it does work. Presumably there's something about using SMTP via a third party (metabase) that teams channels don't like. MS threads suggest teams' channel 'spam' filters are a bit of a black box. Does anyone have any suggestions? (Even if I can get this to work - emails are imperfect vs the nicely formatted layout that lands in slack)

And if not.... are there any workarounds that anyone else suggests. Teams has an easy (MS built) web hooks application, so I was thinking to try and use this. Perhaps firing pulses from metabase to slack, and from slack to teams (via Zapier). Does this sound realistic? Does anyone have any better ideas?!

Many thanks in advance.

ps we have Metabase set up on our own AWS instance
pps yes i know... Teams... but its what most of our biggest clients use too & we need to solve this use case for them too


Does MS Teams have any email integration? If you could send to a channel the results of the email then this should make the trick (Slack has/had an integration where you send an email to a slack created email and you got the subscription in a channel)

Yes - that's tried here:

Hello all - still struggling with the above!

Most recently I've tried:
Metabase -> Slack -> Zapier -> Webhook -> Teams

I can get it to work at the most basic level of new messages (that were intitiated in Metabase) being announced in Teams. However.... I'm not currently able to parse any of the actual content that Metabot creates in slack (this is made as blocks, vs text, and Zapier isn't picking up blocks as an available field)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I wish there was Metabase -> webhooks!!

Hi !
I'm suffering the same problem and I guess we are a lot using Teams + Metabase.
Metabase guys if you're reading this : Do know something about this (Teams) bug ? It occurred suddenly in my organization in July. Before this time emails were correctly landing to Teams channels.

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Update on this. My new workaround is:
Metabase email pulse -> Email Parser by Zapier -> Zapier -> Webhook -> Teams

This generally works okay, however its hard work getting "Email Parser by Zapier" to pick out the right data.

ps still unable to email directly to Teams, hence the above workaround.
pps using webhooks allows you to format the data might neater in Teams (than emails to Teams), so the workaround has a silver lining

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