Would be useful to align the row count selection limit with the number of series a graph can use

After running a query that includes more than 20 series it is not possible to graph these. There is a limitation of the most graph types whereby they do not support data with more than 20 series.
In this case I decided I would limit the query to 20 returned results. This way I could use the query to show the top 20 results.
However in the row limit selection for a query we can only choose between “None, 10, 25, 100, 1000”.

Thus at best I can only select 10 to get the top 10 results. It would be great if we could either have a selection option for 20, or an input field which we can enter the exact number of results to return or if graphs could be extended to allow 25 series instead of 20.
In this way we could select a row limit that exactly matches the series limits of graphs and then everything is aligned nicely.

So if there was a 20 in the LimitWidget: