Writing into database and embedding

Hi, does Metabase currently support writing into database(ie adding/deleting a row on a table)? if so, how do it from metabase ?

Also, if I want to embed my metabase into my react app, is there a way that I can use queries to generate tables?

I know that my questions are elementary, I am still very new to this business. Please just point me in the right direction, and it will be much appreciated.

You can add / delete / update rows but only for supported databases. This functionality is called "Actions" in Metabase:

I'm not sure if I am completely tracking the second question, but you can you use SQL queries in Metabase to create visualizations:

Hi many thanks to your response. It seems like I just need an update to get action working.

As for my second question, it's regarding to metabase API or embedded metabase.

Could I generate queries/graphs using some sort of API or embedded metabase?

for example, I want a pie chart of a segment of my database in raw data or some chart in my app, can I do so without manually go to metabase and create a query?

many thanks!

You can embed the entire Metabase application, including the question builder, directly in your application. To do this you would need interactive embedding. A great place to start would be checking out our documentation that outlines our various embed offerings:

We are also currently working on an SDK to extend some of the embedding functionality for Pro and Enterprise customers (it's in active development).