X axis values not showing on line chart when scale is log

I'm trying to chart lines that have a regular interval of 0-100 for Y-Axis and then float values from around 0 to 250 in the X-axis. Y-axis has to be linear and X-Axis logarithmic so that the chart looks correct. However, for some reason X-axis is not showing the values even if I have the chart in full screen width on a 2K resolution computer screen.

If I change the axis scale to any other type (Power in below example), it works

Hi! so to wrap up: x-axis doesn't show when using logarithmic scale, is that the issue?


Are you sure you don't have the label set as hidden?

Also can you please share the Admin -> Troubleshooting -> Diagnostic Info

Yes, Show x-axis line and marks is set to Show. Don't have access to Admin.

Do you know at least on which Metabase Version are you running?

Does this happen on any datasource? or a particular query ... also is the query GUI based or SQL. Share also a screenshot if possible

I don't know the version but the install is very recent, a couple months. The query is SQL based, and I can reproduce it with any data source.

Here using the sample database:

select distinct source, y_value, avg(x_value) x_value from (
select source, 
    when val1 <= 35 then 10
    when val1 <= 36 then 25
    when val1 <= 37 then 50
    when val1 <= 38 then 75
    when val1 <= 39 then 80
    when val1 <= 40 then 90
    when val1 <= 41 then 95
    else 99 end as y_value,
val2 as x_value
from (
select source, abs(LATITUDE) as val1, abs(LONGITUDE) as val2 from PEOPLE) q
) dist group by SOURCE, Y_VALUE order by SOURCE ASC, Y_VALUE ASC

x-axis log

x-axis power

Line chart options