X-ray customization

is it possible to customize the questions generated by x-ray? I mean something like a mask where I can configure what kind of questions are generated.
furthermore, if that’s possible, would it be possible to limit the access to those “x-ray profiles” on a per user basis?
if it’s not possible, is there any documentation about how x-ray creates questions? I have certain question from which x-rays creates a very high amount of graphs, hundreds, and not all of them are useful to me, but so many are, If I were to understand how x-rays generates them I could create certain question to start from that would limit the x-rays result to what I actually need.
thanks in advance, great software btw.

Hi @danieldelphis
Yes, but it’s not totally simple. We don’t have any documentation about it, so you need to do a bit of playing yourself.
Have a look here: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/7459

thanks, those YAML are kinda self explanatory, I’ll try to work out something