X-Ray dashboard always shows US MAP

Hi everyone!

So, I´ve inserted Brazil custom map(states) in order to use it on my dashboards.
The problem I´m facing is when I get into X-Ray dashboard and I always see the US map instead my custom map.

Here is an example:
I have a entity called “Company” and the field “UF” means “State”.
Metabase always load the US map and try to fill the US states with my data(some of Brazil states matches with US states)

How can I set X-ray to show an specific custom map ?



Hi @fredbh

I cannot find any existing issues about this, so you might want to open a new issue. When you have opened the issue, then please post a link here as a reference.

But I would guess that you could compile your own Metabase, where you replaced the US GeoJSON file with a Brazilian version - that’s a quick hack.
The US map is located in: app/assets/geojson/us-states.json
And here’s the references to that map: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/search?q=us_states&unscoped_q=us_states

Related, but without focus on setting default map: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/5340

I’ve created the issue.

Now everyone can vote on it.

Thanks :wink:

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